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The Common Ills
Iraq snapshot
Iraq snapshot Tuesday, September 30, 2014. Chaos and violence continue, Barack redefines civilian casualties, Australia has concern about the legality of the war, and more. The violence never ends in Iraq. Yesterday, Margaret Griffis ( counted at least 256 violent deaths for Monday. Qassim Abdul-Zahra and Sinan Salaheddin (AP) report that a "wave" of violence has left "at least 47 people" dead today. Violence hasn't stopped in Iraq. Many are starting to register that. At the Pentagon today, spokesperson Rear Adm Jack Kirby declared: We've been pretty honest about the fact that military action alone will not win this effort, but that shouldn't be taken as an admission of ineffectiveness, and one of the ways we know we're having an effect is precisely because the terrorists have had to change their tactics and their communications and their command and control. Yes, they're blending in more. Yes, they're dispersing,... (more)

Tanto de mi
El dia que casi te pierdo
En ese momento me di cuenta de que si tu te vas no se cual seria mi camino, pudiera faltarme cualquier otra persona en mi vida, me doleria, pero sin ti, no sabria hacia donde ir, no sabria que hacer, cual seria mi futuro, sin ti simplemente estaria completamente perdida. Es una locura pensar asi, pero esta vez que fue muy en serio el heho de llegar a perderte, lo pense y me depri. Se cual es la otra persona que le doleria esa perdida y solo el entenderia parte de mi dolor, solo el podria sacarme de esa depresion. Siempre ustedes dos, no mas... no necesito a nadie mas, ustedes dos son lo que siempre he querdio y querre. Ese dia casi fatidico 25 sep 14

Oh the Angst
Bloggy bloggy.

Truth in Love
About Your Friends
Link: About Your FRIENDS Author/Preacher: J.R. Miller Source: Friendships begin very early. Little children form tender associations which mean much to their happiness, and which sometimes last through their life. We all need friendships. In solitary confinement, men have been known to make friends of insects and little animals, the only living creatures they could have for companions. Nothing is more important to young people, than the choosing of their friends. Really, it is almost the settling of their whole future. The kind of friends one begins with is apt to stay with always. If you accept and choose as your friends in early youth those who are good, refined, and aspiring -- you are setting your life in the direction of whatever things are true, just, honorable, pure, and lovely. Almost certainly, your whole future will be on the same wholesome lines. But if you... (more)

lets start dreaming again!
State of the union. It would appear that I've built up a little courage over the past few weeks. I started to fill out my application for the Peace Corps (again). As you would remember I started this whole Peace Corps thing back in 2011. Then things went awry. I realized I was broke, ended up in a mental health facility and the rest (as they say) is history. But admitently so, filling out the app again did make me feel a little nervous. I think I'm starting to realize that the future in which I dreamed could possibly be a reality. The scary notion is the thought of me being away from home for so long, but there's this thing pulling at the strings of my chest that are saying "just go for it...just have to have to do it." Its kind of like that same fear and excitement that swept over me when I jumped off a cliff into the Colorado river. If I thought about it too much I wouldn't have jumped and if I didn't think at all I would have hurt myself much worse... (more)

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